About Us

Virginia Wagyu is a family operation seeking to be the premier Wagyu breeder in Virginia both of the full blood and percentage Waygu owned by Dale and Lisa Moore partnering with Jim and Ann Wharton (Lisa’s parents). With over 20 years experience raising angus cattle, they saw an opportunity after studying the the unique features of the Wagyu breed. After tasting Wagyu, they were determined to set the farm on a new direction. With Jim doing the research, the interest grew for the families and they made a significant shift from angus to Wagyu.

With the farm located in central Virginia, just east of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, it is primed to be the central location for a growing Wagyu operation.

Dale owns and operates Moore’s Electrical and Mechanical, a local subcontracting business with over 500 employees, but grew up with a love and and appreciation for farming, handed down from his grandfather. Dale made farming his passion, constantly looking for ways to grow and improve the operation. His creative business mind provides a solid foundation for growth of this unique breed.

Jim grew up on the family farm in Indiana and has never been able to get farming out of his blood. So, when Dale offered him land to build on the farm, it was a win-win as they partnered together in their discussions and planning of the new Wagyu herd.

So, where do the wives fit in? They are active supporters as they seek to learn and understand the unique benefits of the Wagyu breed.