Health Benefits of Wagyu

Wagyu received increasing attention due to its unique marbling and the higher proportion of desirable fats (mono) than other beef. This unique beef takes longer to raise, but consistently receives positive reviews for its health benefits, succulent flavor and consistency. Research shows these healthy fats are beneficial for human consumption.

Experts agree that Wagyu beef is high quality. "Tim Crowe, Ph.d., senior lecturer of nutrition at the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences at Deakin University in Australia, explains Monounsaturated Fatty Acid to Saturate Fatty Acid ratio runs up to three times higher in Wagyu beef than other beef. Crowe says half of all marbling in a Wagyu carcass is comprised of mono unsaturated fats." (Ishmael, Wes, Beef Plus)

Studies have been done at Texas A&M as well as Washington State University on the importance of healthy fats. According to Crowe, Wagyu beef has the beneficial fatty acid, making it a healthy choice of beef with rich Omega3. Wagyu is better for you than the typical beef.

Our Wagyu is grass-fed, for an all-natural grain finished product. Wagyu provides a healthy, delicious, and tender beef that health conscious consumers are looking for. In addition, an article was published in Western Cowman Magazine, explaining how Wagyu beef adds to the overall healthfulness of beef.

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