It's the Best Eating Beef in the World.

Proud to be Family Owned & Operated Since 2001

Virginia Wagyu, a family-operated venture led by Dale and Lisa Moore, aspires to establish itself as the premier Wagyu breeder in Virginia. Leveraging over 20 years of experience in raising Angus cattle, the families recognized the distinctive features of the Wagyu breed. After experiencing the exceptional taste of Wagyu, they made a strategic decision to pivot the farm towards a new direction, driven by a passion for excellence in breeding Wagyu.

Naturally-Raised Wagyu in Picturesque Virginia

Nestled in central Virginia, just east of the captivating Blue Ridge Mountains, the farm is strategically positioned for a thriving Wagyu operation. With Dale’s background as the owner of Moore’s Electrical and Mechanical and Jim’s deep farming roots, the partnership brings a unique blend of business acumen and agricultural expertise to the venture. 


Dale’s grandfather instilled in him a love and appreciation for farming, which has become his enduring passion. Meanwhile, Jim, with farming in his blood from growing up on a family farm in Indiana, found the perfect opportunity to collaborate with Dale.

50% Pregnancy Rate on Embryos


Free of Growth Hormones

All-Natural Grass-Fed Diet

Finished on our Farm

Exceeds USDA Prime Quality

Our Wagyu beef takes 30 months to finish as compared to 15–18 months for other breeds. This unique beef takes longer to raise, but consistently receives positive reviews for its health benefits, succulent flavor, and consistency. Our beef is bred, raised, and finished using a strict plan developed by professional and knowledgeable Japanese partners. Wagyu provides a healthy, delicious, and tender beef that health conscious consumers are looking for.

Wagyu Embryos
Full-Blood Wagyu Heifers
Full-Blood Wagyu Bulls
Table-Ready Whole or Half Sections

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